Northern Kentucky Painter Restores Wood Bridge over Creek❗

This is a beautiful Wood bridge I restored and painted in 2015. .....

Wood bridge painting, restoration and repair, restore and paint painter

   Not a massive structure by any means. Stretching over this small creek presented some challenges.

   I would have almost wished the creek was actually deeper so that we could have gotten under it better. Doing repair and painting near the bottom side close to the creek meant getting your head

   The grey bridge had PEELING paint in areas, we scraped it down with putty knives and a wire brush in crevices. It had a few planks that the sun had popped loose from expansion and contraction cycles . So we put those back down with proper exterior deck screws.

 It was then soft washed with a professional formula to remove mildew growth, dirt and grime.

 As far as Restoration went. That's all it really needed... this little bridge is rarely used.

 The Painting of this bridge has a interesting fact. ......

  This is the last wooden structure that I have painted in Northern Kentucky with anything besides my Kong Armor Paint System. 

This customer wanted a barn red paint on the bridge and so we did so with barn and fence paint formula that they provided. 

It turned out well. And very pretty actually. 

  I wish that someday , I get a bigger wooden bridge to Restore and paint in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati.......

 I'm a much larger painting contractor now and have a labor force of painters and I just think it would be unique if I had a opportunity to do this on a larger Scale. 

 Color ideas for wood bridges in Northern Kentucky /Cincinnati....

    For color choices in the area..... I would venture actually away from red and stick with more natural earth based colors Browns and Tans, if I was to go outside of those bases it would be for Black, or a Grey tone...... but not dead grey. 

    There are tons of wood bridges throughout the TRI-STATE and eventually I will run into another one to paint. 

  Anthony Ford 




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