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Do your Deck boards have sap or goo oozing out of them❓

    If your deck boards have a bunch of goo and what looks like sap coming out of them . Your not alone❗   I want you to know that it is called "pitch" - your deck boards have  "pitch".  The goo or " pitch " is usually generically called by most people in my kneck of the woods - "sap".  "Sap" comes from a live tree.  The difference is - "pitch" is the correct terminology to use once the wood is dead.  The reason for this- I did not dig that deep into the subject if I'm being honest ❗😁 I can however shed some light on why it happens.      Typically premium lumber is sent through a process that solidifies this goo down inside the board and that solidification keeps it from ever coming to the surface .  In fact this is one of the major reasons we treat our lumber.  But just like in every industry and every production process. You will have a few that get through with less than stellar treatment.   If they catch them , maybe