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Deck Post Cracks ❗ Resason for Concern❓

Every Year I look at hundreds of decks in the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky area , and I see the same thing on all of the support post.  Vertical Cracks Are they a reason for Concern?  Many of these cracks can be gnarly looking wide and long.  With that being said , myself and other deck experts agree. They are rarely dangerous, and even scarce to cause deck collapse.  Deck post are wide and strong, intact the cracks called (checking) by industry professionals , are factored into the equation before your deck is even built.  We know that these post are going to (check) or crack with the expansion and contraction phases of wood. That's why we use 4x4 and 6x6 and larger post .  It's extremely common , and unless you see the following signs they cause no real concern: Signs a Deck Post Crack needs repaired: Get a long screwdriver or something similiar. - see if you can push it all the way through the crack and all the way through the