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How cracks in your deck can end up causing massive damage ❗

Notice hairline cracks in your decks floor? Or other horizontal surfaces?..........     The good news is this is completely normal, its caused by heat and cold cycles that make the wood move . Expansion and Contraction.  After so much of this movement the wood begins to develop cracks .     The bad news is this can be detrimental to the health of your deck❗    These cracks hold water longer than the other areas of your deck, rain and precipitation gets down in them and sits a bit longer than It does on the surface of the wood and in vertical cracks.    For 99 percent of the cracks on your deck however the sun ☀️ is able to dry the water out just fine. In a adequate amount of time not to cause MILDEW and Rotting.    The Danger lies in a few key areas, let's go over the ways deck cracks can be bad for your decks health. Mats and Rugs and other things that sit on your Deck-     So I often see rugs on Decks. Homeowners lay them down in order to prote