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Industrial Grade Deck Coating engulfs Deck With Peeling Paint in Georgetown KY

 Georgetown KY Deck Owners facing tear Down to Frame replacement from Compounding Deck Repairs and Peeling Paint. Just got their Deck Rescued By Kong Armor and It's Deck Rescue Painters. Taken directly after washing and board replacement with Kong Armor's Air Dried Pressure Treated Ready-to-Coat Lumber The backyard deck suffered from Peeling Paint, Rotten Boards, Loose nails and screws, loose post, loose rails, broken spindles, misrepair, mildew, rotten boards, fastener corrosion, and more.  Here is what the Structure just 45 mins south of Cincinnati, Ohio and 30 Mins North of Lexington KY looked like after Deck Rescue Painting with Peeling Deck Paint Lockdown Encapsulation via Kong Armor   Taken directly after the Deck Had Dried From the Deck Rescue Painting Process - Encapsulation of Peeling Paint with Kong Armor Lifetime Deck Armor  Kong's thick-build, high-stretch, industrial grade, elastic polymer, deck coating is remarkable at the lockdown encapsulation of Peeling Dec