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Proprietor Series From Kong Armor. ( so far very tough)

My first ever Proprietor Series Deck From Kong Armor has been a tough deal. .........    If your new to my blog and or myself and or my content in general. Please visit Kong Armor at before reading this entry.  Proprietor Series is intended to be extra Special Deck Paint Systems Handcrafted by Myself Personally and not my crews or laborers. The very first one is pictured above. And is going on its 10th full day of production.   And no doubt I've lost monetarily on it at this point.  However, I'm hoping that the media content from the project and the overall exceptional quality of the Deck itself will sell more.    1 of 4 Decks Scheduled this year....     What have been the challenges so far?   Time in general.      The Proprietor Series Decks from Kong Armor are supposed to be about ( quality above all else)   There not all necessarily gonna be multi-colored systems like the current one .   Bu


    After painting a couple hundred decks in the Northern Kentucky - Cincinnati area....      I have seen Deck-Over failure alot. It could be argued I suppose that I have seen it more than anyone in the area.      In or around 2012 I noticed this massive spike in Request for quotes on painting deck systems with peeling Deck-Over.  The Potential customers were basically at a loss for how to get their Deck Systems Restored with this thick coating peeling up in sheets in some areas... And in others ( usually areas not hit by sun) it was locked tight to their deck in perfect condition.   The Decks just looked like they had leprosy and it was really really awful looking to be honest.    To compound the Problem many of the deck paint systems had added ( texture) or (silica) beads ... Creating a Rough Textured look That was supposed to add grip.   These textured decks in my opinion had way less adhesion than their smooth Deck-Over counterpart SYSTEMS  They faile


 Demossville, Kentucky a little town in Northern Kentucky South East of Crittenden KY, was the site of this deck painting project.     Kong Armor utilizes a Ultra- Thick, High Build,  High- Stretch Coating.... To Restore BADLY Weathered and Sun Damaged Decks. Also Decks with peeling paint and coatings such as Deck-Over.  In the video above Proprietor of Kong Armor , Anthony Ford, Goes over the Project that is currently in production and explains more about SplinterLock. SplinterLock is a feature of Kong Armor Decks. The Armor is so thick and High-Build that it makes Splinters super unlikely . Not impossible, But Unlikely. ❗  Watch the above video to check out This Kong Armor Deck . Kong Armor 200 Markim Dr #1 Crittenden, KY 41030 (859)815-0652