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Exterior Painter in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati looks to help more homeowners in 2023

  It happens a dozen times or more every exterior painting season.  I get to hear horror stories about how this person or that person had a horrible experience with a painter or painting contractor.  From unreliable crews that just don't show up, and leave projects unfinished for a month or longer. All the way to Extreme property damage and theft.  Often me and my crews are called in to fix or clean up the mess.  To be fair. I hear just as many stories of succesful exterior painting projects where the painters or painting company hired is met with rave 5 star reviews.  Hiring a Exterior Painting Company in the Northern Kentucky Cincinnati area from what I've seen in my 20 plus years in the trade is a mixed bag of results.  The homeowner is rolling the dice 🎲 🎲 often and unaware of the potential damage to their home and loss of their project money.  The profession is not what it used to be. Being a Painter use to be a respected profession. Now it's been turned into a labor