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Are you looking for a interior painter in Union KY ?

     In Union KY there are a few good painting contractors/  painting companies. The issue is finding them through all the clutter that pops up when you search.  I can tell you my company ExtraPrep Pro Painting   has been here for a decade and has completed hundreds of interior painting jobs for homeowners and business owners In Union, KY and Northern Kentucky in general.  The problem of finding a Qualified local painting contractor is compounded by websites that sell leads to contractors. Or charge them monthly for leads.  Some of these sites are Angi , Home Advisor , and other copycat versions. Thumbtack is one that sells credits to the contractors. They must pay x amount of credits to contact the customer (you) depending on the job size.  This is a problem because ..... it eliminates natural competition between the painting contractors.   The whole world uses two or three search engines for the most part.  With the majority of search traffic going to Google.  If large corporations l