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Burlington KY interior painters trusted and will show up

  I here often from homeowners in Burlington KY that they cannot find painting contractors. Many complain they cannot even get painters to even show for quotes.   There are some reasons that the painting trade has these issues. I won't take the time to go into them in this article. But let's just say the trade has nothing to do with being able to run a successful business.  Many of these guys do their own work , and are maxed out 1 man or 2 man shows. They get tired and forgetful real quick when it comes time for estimates. Especially if they have weeks of work booked out.    That's why I knew that with my painting company I had to build a actual company with policy and procedure. And stop doing my own work. So that we could build a solution that could help Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati - Tristate Residents with painting needs .  Instead of skipping quotes. At ExtraPrep Pro Painting   we simply screen our potential customers politely and well.  To ensure there is a poten

A Trusted Union KY Painting Contractor

  I've completed several hundred interior painting  projects in Union KY and Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati.......   Starting off in my teens I was put to work painting apartment turnovers. It's here that I learned the fundamentals of painting and wall restoration.   Painting rental turns is not by any stretch of the imagination high quality painting. However , it's a stepping stone that I believe is beneficial.   You get to see the ugly. And learn how to make it fresh again. You get to see some of the nastiest condition that walls and ceilings can be in , and learn primers and coatings that can block stains and resurface walls.  You also get to learn to repair and restore wall damage . Both properly and economically.  Some of the "hot patches" and other drywall tricks and painting hacks that I learned in this section of my painting career still help me today.  A Stop in Investor Land ..... When I went out and started my own business I began naturally in what I kn

I likely wont even try very hard to sale interior painting in the Cincinnati-Norther Kentucky area this winter ❗

  11/5/21 So in years past . I've always tried to at least stay busy in the winter months. The best way to do this is to land interior painting jobs.  However , what I have found . Is that Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati residents are just not receptive to the service.  The ones who are , don't hold it to a value I feel my company's work is worth. The interior jobs I see being completed in this area are typically low low rate.  I'm talking 1.00 a square foot living space. Minimum wage.  Click the picture to learn about Kong Armor ™️ LIFETIME DECK ARMOR. - NEVER COMPLETELY PAINT OR STAIN YOUR DECK AGAIN   I went on my first interior painting bid for the 2021 season yesterday in Union KY.  A job that was about the equivalent of painting 5 bedrooms. In a Half- million dollar home. Homeowner wanted the best of everything.  It would require special protection for oak cabinets and trim work that is beautifully stained. A good deal of work. Top of th