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I got a hell of a exterior painting business in Northern Kentucky - it's a shame more people don't know ❗

 I paint alot of decks through a pretty popular Deck Restoration Painting brand here in the tristate. And I market and focus on that a lot.  I won't mention it's name in this article because it will more than likely kill any search engine help for exterior house painting reach if I do.  Truth be told a lot of people just don't realize because that particular brand over shadows my regular house painting business so much , but I have a hell of a exterior painting production machine.  Quality work too,  of course everything with my name tied to it has to be quality or it will get done and redone until it is.  But , listen I get a few lucky homeowners every year in usually like Florence KY , Union KY, Burlington KY , Loveland Ohio, Hamilton Ohio, Liberty Township Ohio, etc.that follow me hard-core that know about my regular residential painting business , ExtraPrep Pro Painting LLC.      They will reach out and end up with a premuim exterior paint job fo