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Local Northern Kentucky - Cincinnati Painting Contractor Anthony Ford wishes everyone a Merry Christmas 2020

Caption - picture of Anthony Ford and Thomas Cuneo in 2018 at a interior painting project of a large foyer in Union Kentucky just days before Christmas.  I just want to say merry Christmas to anyone who reads this blog, all of ExtraPrep Pro Painting and Kong Armor's customers .  And of course any painters or painting crews that have worked for my company throughout the year.  I hope all of you have a tremendous Christmas and New Year.  I look forward to serving your interior and exterior painting needs in 2021 All glory to God.  Anthony Ford  Proprietor  ExtraPrep Pro Painting LLC 859-815-0652 

Dry Ridge Kentucky large interior with huge vaulted ceilings Painted in just a few days

So , there is a challenge with Interior Painting I've found over the years. It's called #intrusion. And many homeowners and painting contractors alike our blind to it.    So recently when my company ExtraPrep Pro Painting picked up a Large interior Painting Project in Dry Ridge, Kentucky. I knew the key was to get in and get out. Bring enough of my men to complete the job swiftly. While balancing quality.     Typically for me , I've learned over the years to bring a heavy crew for a few days and slam out the bulk of the work, and then we can lower stress on the client by dropping the labor level by removing several men for the last day or two....      For this particular home in Dry Ridge we were tasked with painting everything- walls, ceilings, trim, doors. The home was about 3000 square feet. However it has massive volume as the ceilings vaulted up to around 20 feet tall everywhere . So when you consider in the average home your looking at half of that.  Just a lot of wal

Dry Ridge, KY Interior painters will paint entire home in just a couple visits.

      I've completed and managed over 1500 painting projects at this point in my career- and I can tell you there is value for homeowners to have their whole house done in one shot when we talk about interior painting.    for many it seems like a impossible task... but I've learned to work with ExtraPrep Pro Painting's clients. ( my clients ) to accommodate them to make this happen,   we have portable storage for them that can be placed outside the home and locked,  and will even send them away to a hotel for a few nights if that makes it easier. what takes a lot of homeowners several months to several years of hiring multiple contractors to paint a room or two at a time.... we can get done in 2 to 4 visits with some planning. if you live in Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati or SouthEast Indiana we can help... at this point in our business I prefer to take on multiple rooms or whole house interior repaints when it comes to interior painting. Anthony Ford Proprietor E