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Tick-tock- plaster ceilings in the tri-state are collapsing....could yours be next?

   Plaster ceilings are normally found in older homes.  In the Cincinnati Tri-state area we have no shortage of them. With older historic homes and buildings plentiful,  there common place.     Before the advent of drywall panels the process to create a intetior wall was a lot more complex than making a few drywall cuts and screwing a board on to studs.     Tradesman at the turn of last century to create walls and ceilings had to hang metal lathe or install wood lathe over wall or ceiling joist to give their plaster compound something to grab ahold of .  The former is a chicken wire looking material with tighter closer holes that could catch and hold plaster. The latter essentially was the installing of thin pieces of wood with a small spacing in-between each piece. The plaster would ooze through the spaces in both examples and then harden on the back side grabbing the substrate and leaving a hard scratch layer of plaster present that subsequent layers could be applied to untill the wa