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I'm getting request for help nationwide with Peeling Behr Deck Over❗😁

Recently I have gotten request from people all across the nation looking for help and guidance to successfully Paint Decks with Peeling Behr Deck-over, and how to Lock it Down Successfully .........       The sheer amount of decks in America right now that are 15 to 30+ yrs old is immense.       The new construction boom of subdivision homes from the mid 80's to the recession in 2001 has created a ton of builder constructed decks .     As these decks began to take on sun damage, wood rot and just general over-all poor condition. Many DIY homeowners decided to take advantage of THICK Acrylic Based Deck Coatings , that were marketed to consumers as a rejuvenation coating or Restoration coating for their poorly maintained decks.    Behr a national manufacturer who takes space in the home depot paint section , taking advantage of the research and knowing that there existed a hotbed of decks that needed restoration. Created a product called Deck-Over and marketed it , a