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How the Scour Daddy Changed how I Clean and Prepare Surfaces For Painting❗

Let's start with what the Scour Daddy is❓  It may look ultra familiar. If so that's because it's a spinoff of the very popular Scrub Daddy.     I bet you recognize him. This little sponge once captivated the TV and was even on Shark Tank ( I believe). It has a amazing Flex texture CLEANING surface and alot of other neat features. And In it's own right is a very powerful non- abrasive CLEANING tool.         Back in June I took on a Deck that had metal spindles, at the end of the project it was discovered that we had a good deal of paint to clean off the metal ....    I went through several different cleaning tools .... none were getting the job done with any real success. 😱   Most of the CLEANING tools were either not strong 💪enough or didnt have a way to lift the paint off the metal spindles .....   Some of them did, but they caused damage😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 Here is a Picture of the Deck in question:  The Black metal rails on this deck scratch