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' Painting Your Front Door and Shutters ' A QUICK WAY TO A NEW LOOK ❗

     You want to make the Exterior of your house look new and updated! But maybe you do not have the funds or dont have the need to paint your entire home.   The Picture above is a perfect example.   The Homeowners did not want to paint the Brick but wanted to add a new look to their home.    I have found that many times a simple front door and shutters repaint , to be the solution.  It is Super Economical. And Packs a big Change in many cases.  And or if planned correctly can be a subtle change if thats what your looking for. 🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲 LETS TAKE A LOOK AT SOME KEY ADVANTAGES:     The Paint:   This Project usually takes a gallon of paint or less leaving your painting contractor or yourself with the Ability to use A high End coating that will stand up to the elements and the sun 🌞.  Go ahead and Splurge it is just a gallon might as well get the Best.  Resilience From Sherwin-Williams is a great choice.        It has Moistur