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Developing Relationship's with Realtors for Painting Contractors

  I screen Real Estate Agents very carefully before i'll consider marketing with them in any way, period.  As a Painting Contractor in the Northern Kentucky Market Primarily and additionally Cincinnati. I have gotten the opportunity over the last 8 years to see my fair share of Realtors. And truthfully most of them are really very kind, and extremely busy at the same time of year I am as a painter. And you would think that a very beneficial relationship could be brought forward with several of them, but a few problems arise with the average realtor and i'll explain those and why you should avoid these types, and i will go over the type of realtor that I do consistently seek to build a marketing (cross-promotion) relationshìp with. First maybe it is important to describe,   What is Cross-Promotion and how do I use it?  Cross-Promotion for me is really quite simple, I will consistently seek out individuals related to the painting industry in some way and build