Exterior Painter in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati looks to help more homeowners in 2023


It happens a dozen times or more every exterior painting season. 

I get to hear horror stories about how this person or that person had a horrible experience with a painter or painting contractor. 

From unreliable crews that just don't show up, and leave projects unfinished for a month or longer. All the way to Extreme property damage and theft. 

Often me and my crews are called in to fix or clean up the mess. 

To be fair. I hear just as many stories of succesful exterior painting projects where the painters or painting company hired is met with rave 5 star reviews. 

Hiring a Exterior Painting Company in the Northern Kentucky Cincinnati area from what I've seen in my 20 plus years in the trade is a mixed bag of results. 

The homeowner is rolling the dice 🎲 🎲 often and unaware of the potential damage to their home and loss of their project money. 

The profession is not what it used to be.

Being a Painter use to be a respected profession. Now it's been turned into a labor position. It's unfortunate.  I could write a whole book on the down fall of the Profession. 

I'm trying extremely hard to bring honor, integrity, trust, and respect back to the painting profession. And also as well to Painting business owners. 

What I've focused on building here at ExtraPrep Pro Painting LLc is a group of guys and painting crews that love the trade and craft. 

They actually study the trade and what it takes to be a Painter. 

How to properly protect structures using coatings and fillers. 

Picture of Exterior Deck Painted Red via the Worlds Toughest Deck Armor Kong Armor
The World's Toughest Deck Armor is Kong Armor click the Picture to visit their website

We get together often and work on processes, procedures, sourcing the best materials, and talk about how we need to be reliable and timely for our customers. 

With a average whole house Exterior Painting Project including washing to completion coming in at just 2.2 visits. I believe we're doing a amazing job. 

In the last two years we have only missed showing up for 1 project on time. We were 2 hours late. Outside of that. Perfect. 

I hope in 2023 we get the opportunity to more Exterior Painting Projects. 

Not just for us, but to bring some stability to the area as far as reliability and honor is concerned to the Paint Trade. 

To eliminate some of that doubt and concerns that area homeowners face when looking for Painters to paint their home. 

Obviously I'm super Busy with Kong Armor and everything we got going on there. 

But we could handle a few dozen more Exterior Painting Projects for sure. 

Hopefully that happens in 2023. If not, we'll I'll feel the same way I feel today. Looking back on the year before. Thinking 

" Man, I wish I could have reached those homeowners before they made the mistake of hiring those people. We could have saved them all that trouble"

-Anthony Ford

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PHONE πŸ“± 859-815-0652 

A house in the Triple Crown neighborhood of Union, Kentucky that was painted by ExtraPrep Pro Painting. A visit for cleaning and then 1.5 visits of Exterior painting it was done. Super Low Intrusion. High Quality Paints from Sherwin Williams 


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