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A painted interior house in Union KY painted by local painting company ExtraPrep Pro Painting & Remodeling with Sherwin Williams Emerald house interior paint in beige

   In Union KY there are a few good painting contractors/  painting companies. The issue is finding them through all the clutter that pops up when you search. 

I can tell you my company ExtraPrep Pro Painting  has been here for a decade and has completed hundreds of interior painting jobs for homeowners and business owners In Union, KY and Northern Kentucky in general. 

The problem of finding a Qualified local painting contractor is compounded by websites that sell leads to contractors. Or charge them monthly for leads. 

Some of these sites are Angi , Home Advisor , and other copycat versions. Thumbtack is one that sells credits to the contractors. They must pay x amount of credits to contact the customer (you) depending on the job size. 

This is a problem because ..... it eliminates natural competition between the painting contractors.  

The whole world uses two or three search engines for the most part.  With the majority of search traffic going to Google. 

If large corporations like Angi and Home Advisor use money πŸ’°  to ensure they are the top search results . Then turn around and use that privilege to sell your job to the highest bidder. Do you think that is fair market competition? Of course it is not. 

   These large corporate entities are not in the painting business. πŸ˜‘  They are in the data collection business. And selling your data to the highest Bidder. Over and over and over again. 

They have no business in our industry and exploiting our customers for profit. 

Union Kentucky Painting Contractor Anthony Ford pictured on painting site in home

You won't find the Best Union KY painters on these sites .......... 

The best local painters / painting contractors / painting companies don't need these sites to generate customers for them . 

They organically produce their own advertising content via video , post , blogs , and more to share with you. They have a following on social sites and platforms that enables them to build long-term connections with potential local customers. 

They are busy making connections via there content daily. 

Content that gets blocked 🚫 by these large corporations that buy the top search result slots on search engines. 

Think about it didn't you search for a local Union KY painter or something along those lines when you found this blog post ? ......

How far down the results was it? Far down right? 

Shouldn't you get actual painting companies when you search for them instead of companies looking to exploit your data to the highest bidder? 

Some of these " local painting companies " that buy this data do absolutely no content. Their websites are bare minimum. Just a name and a sign up form. 

Why do you think that is? πŸ€” 

They don't have any real pictures of their work? Or any video content or nothing ? 

Could it be that they are buying leads , landing the jobs and then turning around and selling them to a small painting contractor that does the work and then you never see them again? 

Don't mistake what I'm saying here. There is nothing wrong with contractors or companies subcontracting their work. The problem arises when they do this and then don't manage the project. Or provide any support. 

Essientally they are landing the work just to sell it.  They are not a painting company. They don't care about building a presence in the community they serve. There is no want or need to help the client. Just a want to take their money. 

The best local Union KY Painting companies actually care and want to help you achieve amazing results on your project. 

You won't find them on a site selling and exploiting customer data. 

You will find them by digging deeper. 

My company ExtraPrep Pro Painting LLc is one of these companies. 

I won't bore you with a bunch of talk about how we are great.  Truth is there are a couple other local painters and contractors that can do a great job for you as well. That you also won't find on " those sites".

What I will do is leave you a link here that will route you to our website. From there you can schedule a free quotation . 

We do any and all interior / exterior painting work and also can help you with restoration , wall repair , drywall , Plaster,  exterior restoration etc. 

I hope that you use the link instead of clicking on a site that's looking to exploit your situation. 

Here it is:


πŸ“² (859)815-0652 


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