Burlington KY interior painters trusted and will show up


I here often from homeowners in Burlington KY that they cannot find painting contractors. Many complain they cannot even get painters to even show for quotes. 

 There are some reasons that the painting trade has these issues. I won't take the time to go into them in this article. But let's just say the trade has nothing to do with being able to run a successful business. 

Many of these guys do their own work , and are maxed out 1 man or 2 man shows. They get tired and forgetful real quick when it comes time for estimates. Especially if they have weeks of work booked out. 

  That's why I knew that with my painting company I had to build a actual company with policy and procedure. And stop doing my own work. So that we could build a solution that could help Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati - Tristate Residents with painting needs . 

Instead of skipping quotes. At ExtraPrep Pro Painting  we simply screen our potential customers politely and well.  To ensure there is a potential profitable job the customer is seeking help with.  

And we've set policies about the size of jobs will take on , and have set project minimum requirements.  This allows the company to politely pass on a good deal of quotes that we would have otherwise wasted time on. Cuts our overhead and allows us to pass that savings to our customers.  

Want to see what this OLD WEATHERED DILAPIDATED DECK LOOKS LIKE NOW ? CLICK HERE__ > https://youtu.be/1s8l2ple-B8

And also it ensures we are not taxed and not showing up for quotes. Another thing that helps with that is our painting crews. 

We have a strong workforce of painters . This allows us to produce jobs while actively signing new customers that need help. 

EXTRAPREP PRO'S average wait time to start a project once a customer signs contractually is only 3 to 4 days 

Compared to other local painters and painting contractors who book out months in advance, that's a real blessing for the homeowners who want help now.

As far as Interior Painting is Concerned,  we have a 1k dollar project minimum. ( totally reasonable). Typically we want to see multi rooms or a customer who is not fearful of that 1k number. Before we come and give a free quote.... 

That's it. Real simple. 

We can help with Interior Painting and Remodeling / Restoration of any kind. Drywall repair , Painting Multiple rooms, gut-out and remodel , it makes no difference we can do it. 

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