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Picture of Union Kentucky interior painter Anthony Ford and leader of ExtraPrep Pro Painting & Remodeling

I've completed several hundred interior painting  projects in Union KY and Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati.......

  Starting off in my teens I was put to work painting apartment turnovers. It's here that I learned the fundamentals of painting and wall restoration.  

Painting rental turns is not by any stretch of the imagination high quality painting. However , it's a stepping stone that I believe is beneficial.  

You get to see the ugly. And learn how to make it fresh again. You get to see some of the nastiest condition that walls and ceilings can be in , and learn primers and coatings that can block stains and resurface walls. 

You also get to learn to repair and restore wall damage . Both properly and economically.  Some of the "hot patches" and other drywall tricks and painting hacks that I learned in this section of my painting career still help me today. 

A Stop in Investor Land .....

Picture demonstrates a gallon of paint with a little rolling down the side of the gallon. Its a special srubbable paint for walls

When I went out and started my own business I began naturally in what I knew. 

Seeking work from investors who owned Real Estate. 

It landed me in Cincinnati for 5 years working for a team of brothers who own a large real estate portfolio . Both Apts and houses. 

This is where I gained a great deal of knowledge actually tearing down the inside of buildings and completely remodeling them. To increase equity and raise rents was always the goal.  Higher Rents mean higher appraisals. And more money from banks. 
These guys were superstars at it. And kept me so busy I couldn't see straight. 

Moving to helping homeowners......

Picture shows a basement that was finished by Union KY painnting and Remodeling Company ExtraPrep Pro Painting & Remodeling
A basement that ExtraPrep Pro Painting llc finished in Union KY. #basementpainting

I started studying marketing and learned how to somewhat effectively develop painting services / solutions / even brands. That I could use as a platform to reach customers . 

Mainly homeowners however I have been able to effectively help a few business owners and even commercial operations with painting services. 

I found serious success in the deck refinishing market . I developed a ultra tough coating system and Application process along with a continual care program for decks . Check it out here : https://kongarmor.com

A Lifetime Deck Armor system
From Kong Armor encapsulates a deck In or near Union KY

My painting company that helps homeowners and business owners create beautiful places to live in the Northern Kentucky Cincinnati area is:

 ExtraPrep Pro Painting llc

As far as finding a qualified Union KY Painting Contractor for your interior or exterior. Let me say I've made a special relationship over the years with the people of Union KY. Hundreds of projects completed from small one room repaints. To whole house interior repaints and also whole house exterior repaints.  

I am a master Painter and a great general contractor with a deep pocket of Painters and tradesman that work for my company.  

I can help you achieve a beautiful home or business inside or outside in just a couple visits.  Reach out if you need help. 

Check out the websites in this post to learn more about my businesses. 

Anthony Ford


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