I got a hell of a exterior painting business in Northern Kentucky - it's a shame more people don't know ❗

 I paint alot of decks through a pretty popular Deck Restoration Painting brand here in the tristate. And I market and focus on that a lot. 

I won't mention it's name in this article because it will more than likely kill any search engine help for exterior house painting reach if I do. 

Truth be told a lot of people just don't realize because that particular brand over shadows my regular house painting business so much , but I have a hell of a exterior painting production machine. 

Quality work too,  of course everything with my name tied to it has to be quality or it will get done and redone until it is. 

But , listen I get a few lucky homeowners every year in usually like Florence KY , Union KY, Burlington KY , Loveland Ohio, Hamilton Ohio, Liberty Township Ohio, etc.that follow me hard-core that know about my regular residential painting business , ExtraPrep Pro Painting LLC. 

   They will reach out and end up with a premuim exterior paint job for their homes for a really fair price point . Low -intrusion , my labor force is so strong now , that we are in and out in just a couple visits.

I have several Painting crews that I've built from scratch that have all been with me for 3 plus years and many over 6 years. 

I see homeowners tell horror stories constantly on Facebook and other social sites about how they hired this painting company or this guy , and they didn't finish or took their money and never showed back up to complete the job... 

And I think to myself ?..... yep sounds about right. 

And that's horrible....

Heard about one lady last week that had two guys in her yard on and off for 60 days painting her house. 

Poor lady.... I really wish we could have connected with her she lived in Walton KY I believe,.. the next exit up from where we launch out of here in Crittenden KY. 

  Yeah I've been a Master Painter for Exteriors for a very long time , I specialize in Brick home transformations. 
( painting brick homes)... Like the one above in Ludlow, KY. It was a old red ugly thing and we turned it a beautiful light grey... Looks a million bucks better now. 

But , yeah I have the manpower and the know how to produce quality exterior painting projects of houses , barns , buildings... it doesn't matter.

I even work with a special Lifetime Coating system for those who want top notch quality and to never paint there house completely ever again. 

It's called Xtreme Guard and it completely Water Locks πŸ’¦ homes. 

comes with LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY that covers both labor and coating should anything arise that's poor trade,  bubbling , cracking, peeling.... ( unheard of)

It's applicable for any house brick or not , and it comes with epoxy in place of caulk. A special epoxy resin called Silverback Epoxy 

There is no water ever getting into your cracks and openings with this stuff. It's amazing. 

It is unfortunate though. 

We just can't seem to get many people to see our exterior painting service. I believe it's likely the best quality  not only the tri-state,  but possibly the nation. 

But , I'm cursed with being great at Decks , and with a insanely popular Deck Coating brand. So .... I guess I'm notorious for that... and it's hard to see past it. 

That's ok, like I said❗ a few very lucky people do every year. AND that's ok with me and my men..because the best is usually reserved for those who seek it. 



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