Dry Ridge, KY Interior painters will paint entire home in just a couple visits.



I've completed and managed over 1500 painting projects at this point in my career- and I can tell you there is value for homeowners to have their whole house done in one shot when we talk about interior painting.

   for many it seems like a impossible task...

but I've learned to work with ExtraPrep Pro Painting's clients. ( my clients ) to accommodate them to make this happen,

  we have portable storage for them that can be placed outside the home and locked,  and will even send them away to a hotel for a few nights if that makes it easier.

what takes a lot of homeowners several months to several years of hiring multiple contractors to paint a room or two at a time.... we can get done in 2 to 4 visits with some planning.

if you live in Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati or SouthEast Indiana we can help...

at this point in our business I prefer to take on multiple rooms or whole house interior repaints when it comes to interior painting.

Anthony Ford

ExtraPrep Pro Painting LLC
200 Markim Dr #1
Crittenden, KY 41030

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