Dry Ridge Kentucky large interior with huge vaulted ceilings Painted in just a few days

So , there is a challenge with Interior Painting I've found over the years. It's called #intrusion. And many homeowners and painting contractors alike our blind to it. 

  So recently when my company ExtraPrep Pro Painting picked up a Large interior Painting Project in Dry Ridge, Kentucky. I knew the key was to get in and get out. Bring enough of my men to complete the job swiftly. While balancing quality. 

   Typically for me , I've learned over the years to bring a heavy crew for a few days and slam out the bulk of the work, and then we can lower stress on the client by dropping the labor level by removing several men for the last day or two.... 

    For this particular home in Dry Ridge we were tasked with painting everything- walls, ceilings, trim, doors. The home was about 3000 square feet. However it has massive volume as the ceilings vaulted up to around 20 feet tall everywhere . So when you consider in the average home your looking at half of that.  Just a lot of wall space to cover and then compound that with ceilings that are angled up and away, making the ceiling painting more labor intensive as well. 

  So what I did was I took 3 of my painting crews and I dropped them throughout the house... it took them about 4 work days to complete the bulk of the painting. 

I strive for quality for my customers , so to drive quality I took 2 extra days and went around and tightened everything up and made things extra nice. For this , I lowered the stress level on the clients by dropping to a two man crew. 

I had them go around and just get any minor flaws we missed, if wr missed a nail hole or a cut in line wasn't perfect , I had them do that the last two days..... while simultaneously we let the customer begin to take back possession of the home .... 

  It's really a balancing act, you have to learn to manage your painters and at the same time keep your customers calm and stress free...... many of them think they want the inside of their homes painted , but once they get multiple strangers in every inch of their home working... things can turn bad quickly. And so over the years you learn and develop project management skills to deal with these challenges. 

For example the customer on this particular job was overwhelmed immidiately,  but I stayed with them, explained the process and how I was working to end that intrusion for them.... and we made some adjustments that helped relieve her stress. 

This is big because , a junior painting contractor can falter here. 

In the past I've even sent the customers away to hotels and even to a resort for a few days... if thats what it takes.  

   I'll work with clients completely to make things super low intrusion for them.. My company will go as far as moving the furniture and doing 100% of everything that's required if the customer wants a hands off experience. And some do, you will find some people that really value time. They know its true value and our glad to pay for services like that. Infact. For me its often a lot easier that way. Because I can orchestrate the whole process from start to finish. 

But most people with average incomes like me , cannot afford these services , and so your just managing that happiness , intrusion , and stress level. Most customers get through it just fine.  

These customers did great,  very awesome people. And I feel I could have completed this house in 3 days, had it been empty and not full of their possessions.... but thats part of it. 

Anthony Ford

Here are some pictures of the Completed interior. 
Keep in mind the home is not staged because they were moving in and their possessions are just stacked everywhere. The home looks much more beautiful now. 


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