I believe I have the Manpower now to Do Commercial Painting in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati

Pro painters seek commercial painting projects, local painters paint commercial building

  It's taken a very long time for me to build up a deep pocket of Painters.

  I've had to work with many of them for extended time to develop a great relationship.

  Been a battle really. I've went through a lot of painters and crews that were garbage in trying to build manpower to complete painting projects in a timely manner.

   All my painting crews now work hard and do quality work.

   I feel that in 2020 My Company ExtraPrep Pro Painting LLC would be a great candidate for medium size commercial jobs.

* Restaurant reprints, intact we have already done a few.

*Factory Or Warehouse Painting

* Rental community Exterior or Apt Exterior Painting

* Large Tanks or Water Tower Painting

* Office Buildings......etc......

 I'm certain now that I have the manpower and enough project management experience behind me to tackle Commercial Painting in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

  The ideal place for us to do commercial work would be Florence, KY - Cincinnati, Ohio-
Union, KY.   Erlanger, KY ,
Clifton or Northside Cincinnati

    I look forward to being a Painting Contractor that can come in and add really competitive pricing in that space.

 We painted a storage facility A few years ago..... At the time I didnt have the deep pocket of quality painters my company does now....

Well a experienced commercial painting crew was doing the exact same model facility in the next town over for the client,  they were traveling from out of town...

We finished two days behind them , with higher quality results though😁

 I found out they paid that crew almost twice what they paid us....

Thing is, My company profited well because of our size..... We had no complaints.

  The owners Manager told me a few months later, they wished they would have just let me do both of them.

So I know locally we can be ultra competitive at Commerical jobs.

   As of May 2020....

ExtraPrep Pro Painting has over 11 crews and access to around 40 painters.

I've learned how to really delegate and also break large jobs into sections and delegate the right size section to the correct crew that can handle it.....

 All while working in step with the process of a succesful paint job.

ExtraPrep Pro Painting would be a great little secret for the right project to keep it on budget.

Will see if the Commercial Painting segment finds us......

Anthony Ford
ExtraPrep Pro Painting LLC


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