Laundry Room makeover with Painting and New Washer and Dryer Set❗

Florence Kentucky laundry room interior painting by Master Painter Anthony Ford

    If your getting a new washer and dryer , it may be a great time for you to also reset the room by having your painter paint it for you.

 The laundry pictured above in Florence, Kentucky is soon to get a new Washer and Dryer. It will be delivered in a few days. Hooked up and the old ones hauled away.

  My client wanted me to get in there and paint it before this happened. So that once the pair does arrive. The room will have a brand spanking new look.

  It does not hurt that also we was able to update the coating technology in the room to give it some distinct advantages over the builder grade paint that was present on the walls.

   We came in and painted the trim and doors semi-gloss white - the Ceiling Flat white , and the Walls got a Color called 'Naturel' in Cashmere®️ Low Lustre ..... all Sherwin William's Coatings.

   My Company ExtraPrep Pro Painting's Proprietary [Mildew-Guard] was added to all the coatings ... protects against the growth of mildew up to two years after application.  A great thing to have in a room with lots of humidity and moisture.

 It's worth noting that Cashmere®️ has it's own very powerful MILDEW INHIBITORS built in. So that's a added protection.

     So a better looking laundry room , with better technology to protect against a common problem in mildew  growth and just a flat out better finish all around.

 Pair that with the New Sleek looking washer and Dryer that's coming in a few days and this room will end up looking way better than the before and after shot above.

   I just felt that this was a great time to have this room painted, and reset. I mean moving all the stuff out and cleaning and painting really reset this room . We went in and cleaned all the cobwebs and lint and got all the stuff behind the washer and dryer cleaned up. Without that your delivery person is just gonna swap them and leave it.
 This is the type of stuff where a great family painter is really helpful.

So if your soon to get a new washer and dryer it may be a good time for you to paint your laundry room.

   Thanks for checking out my short blog post on the subject.

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Anthony Ford
Master Painter
Northern Kentucky- Cincinnati




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