'INTERIOR PAINTING' A Tough sell to Northern Kentucky residents in Winter ❗


Interior painting ideas painter in erlanger KY paints interior wall with roller and frame painting inside of home

    I'm trying to understand why ❓

Come winter ❄ every year I actually look forward to the challenge of selling it along with a more laid back schedule.

 In the Northern Kentucky market it is just slower in the Winter for Residential Painters regardless if you have work or not. There is just less to do.  I look forward to that reprieve somewhat.

   However come January every year without fail , it dawns on me just how daunting of a task it is to sell Interior Painting to Residents here.  Extremely hard.

   I went to a quote the other night and bid a interior that I would normally price around 3500.00 for 2000.00 and the people looked at me like I was crazy.  Atleast 3 days work possibly 4 for 2 people.  I'm puzzled that they was not drooling to sign a contract right then and there.

More than likely they will reach back to me in April when they get their tax return only to be let down that they did not heed my advice that the price was only for January and February.  πŸ—“

  Christmas and the Holidays, families spend hard and deep into their pocket books. And there is just no room for something optional like painting.

One thing I'm going to stop doing is slicing my prices in Winter to entice sales. I've come to the realization that it's a money thing.

They just dont have it. πŸ’Έ

  And to be honest neither do I. My family does the same thing , we spend massively on Christmas and Thanskgiving leaving no buying power untill we get that income tax return sometime in late Winter or early Spring.

 So why lower my prices❓ Those who are going to buy are the financially sound.
 They have the funds because they don't make immature decisions with their money.

They are also the type that if you bid something to low you are likely not to get the work from them because when they do spend money they enjoy quality.

A tough tough service to sell in my opinion from the economic factor of the holiday season.

Maybe I'll just take next winter off and head out West and enjoy some sights that I Have always wanted to see and enjoy myself.

   I always say this though.
.................will see.

Anthony Ford




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