Today I finished the Bathroom ceiling REPLACEMENT And Painting job in Union, Kentucky. 

   Here is a Picture of the final product. 

Northern Kentucky Painting Contractor Union, KY best interior painter

Tough day, unfortunately the homeowners were in a hurry to leave for the evening and I forgot to take  pictures of the bathroom that I completely repainted as well. πŸŽ¨πŸ™„

 This was additional work from my "Liquid Ceiling" basement painting project. So this was just kind of a small add on project. 


    Lets talk about why I had to refinish this ceiling anyways... 

Mildew Growth....... 

     If this is your first time on my blog and you didnt read the post directly before this. Then this blog post will maybe not make sense too you. Go read it -  Here ..........

    MILDEW Growth had overtaken this bathroom ceiling.

    So badly that it was abated. (Removed)

 This is not uncommon. Although it is possible to clean and remove and or safely cover mildew. For whatever reason the company that did the work chose to remove the ceiling entirely.

In a future post. I will layout a way u can safely and effectively deal with shower ceiling and wall mildew here in northern kentucky and CincinnatiπŸ’₯❗

We have tons of coating additives and technologies that can prevent this from happening to homeowners.

The problem arises from lack of proper ventilation and cleaning .

   It's very important that you clean your shower ceiling and surrounding walls atleast once every 90 days. This will completely eliminate the problem all together.

 A mild solution of 1 gallon of water and 1 ¹/2 cups of laundry bleach with a half teaspoon of dawn or ajax dish washing liquid applied and let to sit for 5 mins and then wiped clean is sufficient. 

   Thats it for tonight's post. This is my second night in a row. Writing a short blog post. And I think I will continue. As I would like to really build this blog. 

    If your seeking painting or Restoration help. You can schedule a free quote with me by either texting, calling,  or whatsapp message to 

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