Union KY Bathroom Ceiling Mildew - Replacement

My Current Project via my company 

ExtraPrep Pro Painting LLc  ..........

Has me Replacing some Greenboard in a bathroom ceiling . 

   The ceiling was abated a few months ago due to excessive mildew growth. 

Anthony Ford and ExtraPrep Pro Painting are the best painting company in Union Kentucky and or Cincinnati Northern Kentucky

    The picture above is with the first piece of green board ( water resistant drywall)  already in place , I forgot to snap a before shot. But it was simply a ceiling with no wall board. 


   If your wondering why I didn't just do it in one sheet❓ ...... That was the plan, however there is a shower fixture that would be a massive ordeal to remove. 

So I had to piece this ceiling together with more than one piece of wallboard. 

That's ok❗ I am proficient at Drywall Taping and Finishing. 

Here is a picture of the Ceiling with all the greenboard installed and mudded. 

Anthony Ford is the best Painting Contractor and painter in Cincinnati

I got it all pieced together and tommorow I will be sanding this for about 2 mins and then doing a quick cleanup and painting.....

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