Finished Painting a Apartment, and touched up a Ceiling in another one❗

Today my company ExtraPrep Pro Painting.......... 

  Finished a Rental Unit in Erlanger Ky. A 3 Bedroom townhome that one of My Painters has been working on this week. 

   In the middle of Decemebr we slow down a bit because Of Christmas.  And so apartment painting and or painting work from real estate investors is welcome. 

   I did not take any pictures because apartment turnover painting before and after pictures are really not that impressive. Unless the unit is INSANELY bad. 

 Basically your just putting walls back the same color they were. And so the end results are never anything that will blow you away

 It is more just covering up things that you really can't see in pictures. Like finger prints and marks on the walls. 

  Property Management firms will stick with one color scheme for decades or longer. Reason being it creates a situation that helps them get a better price for paint , because they can buy it in bulk from a supplier and there is no surprises it's always the same exact order basically. This cuts down on the cost passed down to them from paint companies. 

   Also they stay with the same color scheme to keep their units easy to turn .... it's way easier to paint walls the same color than it is to change them. This gets them really low price points from painters. Also often if a unit is not that bad, they can save money and have a maintenance tech blend out dirty spots or a painter do it. If they have a good relationship with a longterm painter. 

Erlanger KY apartment ceiling painting by pro painting contractor

I did snap a very short video of  ceiling painting that i did myself , in one apartment that we recently painted . This particular rental unit we missed a few spots when we painted the ceilings.

  So they called and asked if we could come and touch up the missed spots. ( only 2)

  I went out and repainted all the ceilings in the apartment again. 

And I feel that all apartment managers and owners and even real estate investors want out of a painting contractor , someone who will do a decent job and if they miss something or do something wrong , for them to come back out and remedy that mistake quickly. 

   This type of work will not bring you huge profit margins, but it's great to have a few places like this because its steady money for a painter. 

  When they get a move out, they call and give you the keys and you paint it. In between those times when they dont need help your doing your higher paying RESIDENTIAL work. If things slow down. You can usually count on a couple units a month from a apartment complex to ensure you dont go completely bust. 

 Just dont ever back burner them. Is a big key to as well. They need their units turned quickly so they are not sitting vacant. 

     Well this was just a short blog post tonight .... 


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