I'm getting request for help nationwide with Peeling Behr Deck Over❗😁

Recently I have gotten request from people all across the nation looking for help and guidance to successfully Paint Decks with Peeling Behr Deck-over, and how to Lock it Down Successfully .........

      The sheer amount of decks in America right now that are 15 to 30+ yrs old is immense. 

     The new construction boom of subdivision homes from the mid 80's to the recession in 2001 has created a ton of builder constructed decks . 

   As these decks began to take on sun damage, wood rot and just general over-all poor condition. Many DIY homeowners decided to take advantage of THICK Acrylic Based Deck Coatings , that were marketed to consumers as a rejuvenation coating or Restoration coating for their poorly maintained decks.

   Behr a national manufacturer who takes space in the home depot paint section , taking advantage of the research and knowing that there existed a hotbed of decks that needed restoration. Created a product called Deck-Over and marketed it , as a Restoration Coating. 

  It was a hit for their company,  A high selling product. Huge sales❗ Infact they still sale a lot of DECK-OVER.  

    Problems came about when the coating started peeling and taking on damage. Because of how it was marketed. People believed it was intended to last forever. 

   Which no deck coating on the planet is capable of doing. 

  And with Behr being just a paint supplier. They had no way of servicing these clients and helping them with their deck systems. 

    Anyways, I wrote a article on this deal.... that explains why Behr Deck-over was a massive failure. 

     What I want to talk about in this article is the fact that for the past decade I have been successfully encapsulating and locking down these decks with peeling DECK-OVER in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area.  

My Company Kong Armor is NOTORIOUS for doing so, and we have tons of data and online content on the subject. 

Here recently people from across the nation have been reaching out to me in Hopes that I can coach them through doing the same for their decks. 

I have even been offered airfare and free board to far off cities to come and lockdown PEELING decks. 

   A fellow in Missouri was facing a deadline to restore his deck before his daughter's wedding. And pleaded DESPERATELY for my assistance. 

    I guess some of my content is now ranking across the nation on search engines like google and bing. 

   I wish that I could help all these people. But the truth is I have more than my share of loyal customers to help here in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. 

   See my company never leaves it's customers.  We service them for life and they get a WARRANTY for any damage caused by poor trade. 

   Because we know that's coating decks is one of the toughest things to do successfully in the paint trade. 

  Now that Kong's customers rank in the hundreds. I'm a busy guy. Right here at home with my people. 

    And my loyalty falls with them. 

     I'm extremely grateful and proud however that my reputation is starting to get outside of my little corner of the world and onto a larger stage. 

     I have coached a few able diy families through the process of atleast getting their decks back to decently coated,  and how to overcome their PEELING DECK-OVER.  

  And I continue to get request both via phone and email. 

I'm always happy to answer questions and be helpful in any way that I can.

Here is my contact info:

Anthony Ford




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