How the Scour Daddy Changed how I Clean and Prepare Surfaces For Painting❗

Let's start with what the Scour Daddy is❓

 It may look ultra familiar. If so that's because it's a spinoff of the very popular Scrub Daddy.
    I bet you recognize him. This little sponge once captivated the TV and was even on Shark Tank ( I believe). It has a amazing Flex texture CLEANING surface and alot of other neat features. And In it's own right is a very powerful non- abrasive CLEANING tool.

    Back in June I took on a Deck that had metal spindles, at the end of the project it was discovered that we had a good deal of paint to clean off the metal ....

   I went through several different cleaning tools .... none were getting the job done with any real success. 😱

  Most of the CLEANING tools were either not strong πŸ’ͺenough or didnt have a way to lift the paint off the metal spindles .....

  Some of them did, but they caused damageπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

Here is a Picture of the Deck in question:

 The Black metal rails on this deck scratched easily via most abrasive CLEANING tools.

   The ones that did not scratch it, did not have any real abrasion in order to damage and loosen the paint film off the rails. ❗πŸ’―

   What did I try❓

    Magic Eraser  ❌(not enough umph)
    Steel wooL.     ❌(too much scratching)
    Dish rag.          ❌( no way)
    Scouring pad. ❌( worked but alot /effort
    Scrub net.        ❌( no shot)
    Graffiti wipes  ❌(stunk, to much effort)

    And many more ❌

   What I eventually ended up finding was this little kitchen sponge with this unique mesh Armor around it. And I felt good about it because the Armor mesh was more of a plastic type material and not steel or something that would cause damage.

Later I found out Scrub Daddy calls this ArmorTec Mesh. And it's amazing.

Its aggressive enough to scrape and lift things locked onto surfaces but pliable and forgiving enough not to damage the surfaces of what your cleaning.

And let me say this, I found that this agitation with the armortec mesh really helped get the paint off quickly.... 

 And as a plus the stuff lifted right out of the scour Daddy when I cleaned it off. Some scour pads are a nightmare to get them to release what you have scrubbed, so that you can start fresh. Not the Scour Daddy.❗
It let's go of whatever its holding onto INSANELY easy. 

So now that you know what the scour Daddy is, I want to tell you that it's made me realize something very important. ❗πŸ’―

   Over the last few weeks I've taken the scour Daddy with me everywhere. And used it in place of my normal painters rag/towel.

The results. Have been stunning.

It's gotten things extremely clean. Surfaces that I normally prep, AND CLEAN.. THEY HAVE GOTTEN WAY CLEANER WITH THE SCOUR DADDY.

 It's made me realize that the only real way to clean any surface by hand is with agitation.

And that agitation does not have to be harmful or cause damage .

 The armortec mesh around the scour Daddy acts as a agitation to the surface  you are cleaning. But it is so mild that it does not leave marks  but yet strong enough to dig and lift.

The scour Daddy has made me realize that we can do better through better tools. And better technology.

And cleaning does not always have to be something that is done with rough abrasives. 😁

   I'll continue to use the Scour Daddy and keep you updated on all the amazing things that I get ultra clean with it.

In the meantime check out
Smile shop

From there you can easily order the Scrub daddy , scour Daddy and a bunch of other really neat cleaning tools for your home, office or business.

Tested by #anthonyfordthepainter and Passed with flying colors🎨✈
The Scour Daddy❗


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