Why You Should Paint Your Unfinished Ceiling

The Dreaded ugly ‘ Unfinished Basement Ceiling’.

Many Homeowners and Business Owners alike have had to face the decision and weigh the options available to finish these eye soars.

And the options to finish these are endless, there exist so many ceiling systems out there _ It is almost a endless supply of options.

Traditional Finishing with drywall and then painting is without a doubt the most common way to get the job done.

Then you also have drop ceilings with a variety of materials from ugly foam tiles to elaborate silver and gold plated tiles and everything in between.

Don't forget about all the Specialty hybrid and miracle solutions sold by various Companies and Contractors Nationwide.


In this Blog Post I'm Going to tell you about a option you may not be considering.
And probably should!

I'll admit I may be a bit biased being a professional painter. However I feel I can make a strong Case for this Option.

Im talking about ( Painting your Unfinished Ceiling). That's right !

I have actually completed a few ceilings like this in Northern Kentucky And Cincinnati and they turn out absolutely amazingly beautiful.

Way better looking than a cheap generic looking drop ceiling , and in my opinion way better than drywall finish as well.

Painting your Unfinished Ceiling provides you with a few distinct advantages:


If you install a drop or traditional ceiling you will be limited to the color you can use. Mainly because it creates a uniform surface and it creates a barrier for the eyes. They register it as a wall or ceiling ( a closed off space). Ceilings are traditionally white , and some of them come off very silly looking if you choose any other color.

For Example : You can't paint a finished ceiling black ….it looks goofy. and the eyes will reject it as that. Unless the ceiling is high or the purpose is to black out the ceiling period.

Now a unfinished ceiling is not uniform. And is not registered as the end or a barrier to the room by the eyes. And they also are higher than finished ceilings leaving a more comfortable open feel. This gives you the ability to play with color more.

To sum this up, the uniformity and enclosed look of a finished ceiling limit your color choices to what the eye expects to see.

With the unfinished ceiling that's not the case because; it has a broken up appearance via floor studs, ducting, conduit , wires etc and the fact that it is traditionally higher than finished ceilings gives the feel of more openness and allows you to play more with colors. Plus Your Brain has not registered what color a unfinished ceiling should be.


Yeah so let's talk about this for a minute. Its real simple, especially with the awesome paint and coatings we have these days. You should expect to pay substantially less to paint your Unfinished Ceiling over Finishing it.

In my experience you should expect to pay between ⅓ to ½ the price you would to have a traditional Ceiling Installed.

If you have a lot of critical components up in your ceiling that cannot be painted and need protected. Then you should expect maybe to pay a little more!


Darker Color Choices will naturally absorb heat from the lights in the room and make the painted surfaces retain that heat longer. That is why Black is a long standing choice for these ceiling paint systems. For those who have living or work areas above the ceiling naturally the increased temperature of the joist and wood and steel surfaces that comprise the unfinished ceiling will have a effect on the temperature of the living area above it.

Many times the underside of the subfloor itself is exposed and painted creating temperature draw basically to the floor above. Super great for locking in heat!

With that being said, the opposite is the case with lighter colors. The will expel heat from light sources and keep areas above the ceilings cooler in the summer months. Also reducing energy cost.


We just mentioned above that many times the bottom of the subfloor itself is painted. As well as wood joist etc…… Wood is vulnerable to water!

In many Cases these systems have prevented water from damaging critical joist and framing components when a undetected leak occurs! Saving the Property Owners Big Time.

Over time Critical Structural Components can be weakened and even compromised with water, mold and mildew.
Ceiling Paint Systems thwart these threats pretty well.


Because of the vast array of colors that can be chosen, it's easier to plan for lighting effects.

For instance if you can use black to make sure you don't have massive light refraction.

Or use white to make sure you do!

A professional interior designer or lighting expert would be able to coach you on what colors you could use to make your room work to your advantage.

Also take into consideration the fact that you will save money not having to buy a bunch of fancy hanging lights. Pretty much standard Led mounted lights will do.

And you can freely and easily mount them and wire them with a open ceiling which leads to my last point.

Accessibility and Maintenance

If you choose to paint your unfinished ceiling you will not face opening it up in the future for emergencies or maintenance issues, and the cost associated with fixing it.

Also you will have the freedom to access critical components to your property at anytime with a step ladder, and be able to re-position or move things around at will to suit your needs.

This is above all else in my opinion the best selling point…

So Now You Know!

If you are thinking about painting your unfinished ceiling I hope this article helped you come closer to a decision.

If you live In Northern Kentucky or the Cincinnati area and have a interest in having your basement ceiling painted our Service is called ( Liquid Ceiling ). You can sign up for a absolutely free quote via the link below :


Or call / text (859)815-0652 


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  2. It takes a lot of time and money to physically expand a space, but you can make a room feel bigger by just painting the ceiling. Your room will benefit from painting in a number of ways, including reducing dust and filth, preventing fallout or debris, and sealing ceiling material. To help prevent rust, even an exposed metal ceiling can benefit from a layer of paint. My Home Handyman can brighten your ceilings with a fresh coat of paint.


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