Why I Love SuperPaint

In all the years I have been Painting. I have never really been fond of one Paint Line over another. Ive never really had a favorite!

I have certainly had paints that I've liked more than others and vice-versa. But never really one that I have felt comftorable with in any situation.

Alot of coatings talk a big game on their label and marketing materials but dont really shape up in real life.

Most of them only good for one or two substrates. And many extremely costly......

Then by chance I happened to start getting a great price point on Super Paint.

Many of ExtraPrep Pro Painting's Customers demand a Lifetime Coating. And it became for me the most affordable option to deliver that demand.

I personally believe that paint and primer should be seperate. But with SuperPaint, I am actually super satisfied with its All-in-One Properties.

So if what im talking about is foriegn to you. SuperPaint made by Sherwin Williams claims to be a Paint and Primer in one.

I find this not to be the case with most paints that claim this. And believe that it's more than necessary most of the time to use a actual primer with them.

SuperPaint atleast in My experience has been the exception for me. I find it's adhesion to be excellent, and it levels remarkably for Sherwin Williams's (Stand In) as most affordable Top Tier Coating.

Often I find myself cleaning my equipment out in Stainless Steel wash Basins and sinks. With normal Acrylic Latex Paints, I dont worry so much about getting them super clean untill the end of the job. Then I detail Clean the sink.

I have found you cannot make that mistake with SuperPaint. It will grab ahold and leave you scrubing for your life to get it off.

And ultimately what I look for in a Primer is usually that, awesome adhesion, and too promote great top coat adhesion as well.

Then Secondly to create a uniform surface, so that the top coat finishes nice and level.

As far as I am concerned in Most Cases SuperPaint is hard to beat on it's own. Its Paint and Primer in One Claims Stand Up.

The Only Exception for me is on extremely weathered or damaged wood, rusty metal, or Block and Brick.

Other than that, if the substrate is in good condition. I will take SuperPaint against your primer and paint, with ultra confidence !

Exterior SuperPaint I use alot, it is what I reach for. It finishes super uniform on aluminum , wood, and even vinyl.

Speaking of Vinyl you can get Exterior SuperPaint in a Vinyl Safe formula. Another ➕

I use it as my Primary topcoat overtop of Loxon for Brick,Block,and Masonry.

As with most of Sherwin's acrylic latex exterior paints it can be used down to 35 degrees. Which for me atleast keeps me painting outside where the work moves quicker and checks come faster.

Interior Wise it's lights out a great Paint. Holding its own with any Premuim Paint on the Market today.

On Drywall SuperPaints first coat acts as a Primer and The Second Coat as a finsih Coat.

Infact inside or outside that is the theory,

First Coat Primer

Second Coat is Top Coat.

Interior wise i have replaced alot of my coatings with SuperPaint.

Doors and Trim where before I would reach for Pro Classic or something similiar - I feel SuperPaint does a Nice level finish and that the extra cost between the two coatings is not warranted unless we are talking a ultra ultra high end job.

So Let Me sum it up:

It has proven to me to really be Paint ➕ Primer in one

It Levels with beautiful results

Flows super well

Can be used down to 35 Degrees

Can be used on 80 Percent of my substrates as Paint+Primer

OH I forgot.....Its also strong enough of a film to be rated for commercial jobs. Interior or Exterior.

When homeowner's ask me " Hey what's the Best Paint for me to use on my Home"

I always tell them SuperPaint because im confident it can hold its ground on any substrate they put it on.

I think alot of Pro Painters in the Residential Repaint Segment get caught in a mindset that they must use the highest dollar paint at the paint store.

When 90 % of the time its absolute overkill.

There are special and memorable projects that call for the absolute best in coatings and out of you and your crew as painters.

Those too me are 10% occasions.

And im confident that even in those 10% occasions nobody could or would say SuperPaint does not Fit the specifications.

Wanna Try SuperPaint? It's Super Simple Head over To Sherwin Williams and tell them
Anthony Ford refered you to try SuperPaint.

Or Contact Me at my Paint Firm if your Looking for a Professional Painting Contractor who uses SuperPaint. My firms Name and Contact info is below. We Serve Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Residential and Commercial , Interior and Exterior.

ExtraPrep Pro Painting LLC
200 Markim Dr #1
Crittenden, KY 41030



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