Developing Relationship's with Realtors for Painting Contractors

 I screen Real Estate Agents very carefully before i'll consider marketing with them in any way, period.

 As a Painting Contractor in the Northern Kentucky Market Primarily and additionally Cincinnati. I have gotten the opportunity over the last 8 years to see my fair share of Realtors.
And truthfully most of them are really very kind, and extremely busy at the same time of year I am as a painter. And you would think that a very beneficial relationship could be brought forward with several of them, but a few problems arise with the average realtor and i'll explain those and why you should avoid these types, and i will go over the type of realtor that I do consistently seek to build a marketing (cross-promotion) relationshìp with. First maybe it is important to describe,


What is Cross-Promotion and how do I use it?

 Cross-Promotion for me is really quite simple, I will consistently seek out individuals related to the painting industry in some way and build a rapport with them. Once that rapport becomes a good thing, your hope is that you will get referrals from them, and they will definitely seek the same from you.

So how this would work with a realtor is real simple, You would make contact introduce yourself , explain what you do. And simply ask if you can begin to build a rapport with them. Check in with them and see how they are doing from time to time. Ask if you can be helpful in anyway. Your just seeking to build some kind of relationship… It doesn't need to be a perfect deal at all. You just need to keep them with your name in the back of their head, and eventually they will usually if they have any interest reach out for a favor or with some work for you too look at.

 If you're reading this blog as a painting Contractor understand that your going to be usually bottom position in this relationship. And its important for you to play that role. Their usually going to want to see that your reliable, that you stand behind your word. Simply put Painter's have a tough role to play because of the way our industry works. Everyone I know has a horrible experience to tell you about a painter, ready and loaded. Do not try to push your weight around here….it wont work. The person your seeking to market with does not need you. And conversely if they do need you its temporary. And you don't want that. You want long term relationships. And with a few key realtor's it can quickly become a game changer.

But Understand… They Need to be The right Realtors. Here's how I find them!

There are several different types of realtors, and by this I do not mean the type of real estate they deal. I mean the their strengths or their styles or personalities if i make sense.

So overall you can pretty much pick them apart really quickly if you stop and observe and they will usually hold a strength. Understand that being a Realtor is tough and it is not easy at all. They face fierce competition and it's a constant battle for business. The ones that survive fall into usually one of the following 3 Strength's or personality types if you will.

  1. Salesman
  2. Marketer
  3. Business Administration

 Let's quickly go over each one.

salesman-   you need to be very careful with him or her. In my experience ( usually a him) but not always.  This type of realtor is a joy to have a relationship with if you become a friend. If you work your way into their circle. Don't waste too much time though. Your either in or out. They will not waste much time with you either. They are busy. And their personalities and ability to befriend quickly usually afford them several people just like you to market with.

 Marketer-  Very similar to the salesman, and you may be confused at first. But they will eventually reveal their card. Usually the cat you think is a salesman until you realize their not. Their Strength lies in their ability to get in front of a lot of people.  And they have learned ways to do this over the years. They may move a lot of homes or etc not because they are great salesman but simply because their properties get a lot more views. You can build a relationship. Focus on your ability to share their listings across your social platforms or etc.

Business Administration- If you can get to this type you may hit a homerun. The marketer and salesman usually do his or her bidding. And he or she is great at delegating. If your able to get your name in their head, don't let them down. They delegate so much that one misstep, one let down, and it will  more than likely be over, unless you have a super strong relationship with them. Their busy and they rely on others to complete their tasks. The last thing they want to do is explain to a customer why the referred you.

Who is Best to Cross Promote with?

All of them. Unfortunatly. And None of them!

Are you confused? Me too? I was really confused when I started working with realtors.

 I spent a few years across several relationships breaking them down and analyzing them, just as I do with everyone I have the ability to earn with. And the truth is simple. Most of them will be a giant waist of your time if your a painter or tradesman.

Here is why!

They do not need you. The balls in their court and their court alone as it deals with your relationship with them. Or at least they believe it is...and that's all that matters.

Most Realtors in my experience are just like you. They take the path of least resistance. Just as you as a Painter go after easy scores. So do they. They don't want to be tied down with a client that needs repairs and painting. They don't want to be bothered with that. Just as you don't want to be bothered with clients that are telling you they will be ready in a few months. It's really simple. They Want to close and get paid. And because of this need….most of them don't see the forest for the tree's.

 Realtor's will usually talk their clients into offering concessions for painting and or repairs to the buyer. Boom! House Sold ! they get paid.

 Even though they will all wholeheartedly deny this. They do. All or most of them will not want to find painters and plumbers etc.. And even if say the home absolutely does need painted before market. There just gonna tell the seller and have them handle it on there own accord. And not name drop you. Their very living and livelihood depends on their image. And they aren't about to name drop a painter, and rightfully so, for decades the paint industry has put up unreliable halfhearted punks. ( Truth) .

So why Even analyze it?

 Now i am going to teach you the secret.

There exist a certain type of Realtor that you can be very successful with and not waste your time. As a Painting Contractor you need to know how to find them.

Now I went over the three Personality or Strengths ‘if you will’of realtors above for a reason. Because it's important once you find them that you know who they are so that you can better build rapport and help them. Knowing who they are puts you in a way better position than guessing. And the Realtor's you should seek to work with can be any of the above 3 types.

  But here is what separates them from the ones that will be a total waste of energy.

They Understand Equity!

Instead of looking at a listing as a  quick one off paycheck. They see property for what it can be, and know how to create equity raises and increase their profits. After all 3% or 6% of 120k is way more than 80k… And these realtors know one of the quickest and fastest ways to raise equity is YOU! That's Right Painting Consistently produces Returns on Investment of 60 to 120% or more of cost. It's basically a lock.

Painting Contractors are hugely valuable to these types of Real Estate Agents. And they use Painter's often.

And the news new's gets better. They usually will lock in with one or two Painter’s. Once they develop a good relationship it can last decades.

 How to Find Them!

 Unfortunately a lot of your dealings with agents will be trial and error. And for that reason. I wont mess with them much over 3 or 4 reach outs or attempts to conversate or move the relationship……

  What you wanna do is scout them. And by this I don't mean stalk them.

 Let's say you keep seeing a realtor pop up across your social feeds or just in general life, the name keeps coming across too you for whatever reason.

The very first thing I do is real simple. Head over to your secretary of state page where you reside. And your going to do what I call A
“ Registered Agent” search. Don't confuse this as in Real Estate “Agent”... Your searching for business agents. The Registered agent of a Business.

  Type in the Realtors name. And search.

What we are looking for here obviously is what is he or she involved in. What Business's do they own a stake in.

If you see a Property Business or it may be listed as “Investments” business. Then that's a pretty good sign the agent is doubling down and not only selling homes as agent but also investing in homes and actively creating equity raises. Start targeting them immediately.

Now some of these cats are really crafty at asset and wealth distribution. So you need to check the people around them as well, their spouses, Dadda And Momma. Sometimes things are not black and white and money can be hidden and placed in multiple eggs nest. But these assets and or businesses are most always going to be with someone they trust dearly.

Most of the time if their involved in property investing it will be in either their name or their spouses. But I've seen them put eggs in weird do your homework cause they will hide them if they have a reason. Or some simply do it for protection...there is a million reasons.

 If you strike out at the secretary of State Page!

Like I said it's not black and white. Follow them on social media , come out and flat out ask them. “ Hey do you invest in Property or are you just a realtor” They may answer you and say, yeah I have a partnership with my Cousin or Uncle we invest….Boom!

Go seek out that name look up what they got going on. How many properties do they own. Do they flip or Buy and Hold.
Do the Homework.

This is where realtors will do you justice. If they are investors. And if not. Can they connect you too investors and people who create equity?


  Outside of that, the standard realtor who simply sells homes will be a waist of your effort. You have to learn to read between the lines and find the sweet spot in every relationship. And for me with Realtors it's usually simply a glance at their friends list. Boom!

Understand that realtors really are just simple humans with a job to do just like you and me. Their job is simple, sell homes. There job is not too fix homes or make them marketable. They are brought in after the fact. They are a marketing and sales tool for the Property owner.
Be respectful to them and courteous. Because they have a tough job. You think you have a lot of competition as a local painting contractor? It pales in comparison to the competition they face… It really is fierce.

Find a Realtor/Investor or build a rapport for the possible ability to meet their connections. Do not expect residential leads from them. You will end up giving them estimates for concessions and they will take advantage of that if you are not smart enough to see through it. Once you find a few that your comfortable marketing with figure out which strength or personality they are listed above in the article and that will better help you understand how to deal with them and be a resource.

These guys and gals are some of the coolest cats and at the end of the day you will find their business is not too different from your painting business.

Bonus Marketing Tool For Paint Contractors Below!


  I'm including this as bonus content on this blog.
I've been working hard over the last couple of years on a method that turns realtor connections into big business. However it is a long term play. It will not produce quick results.

  This is what i try doing…

First off build a friendship. A genuine one. Don't make everything about money or cash. Scratch their back when they need it done. Let them reciprocate. Build a solid friendship. Then eventually once you show that your a great person and reliable and are locked in your trade and commitments. Maybe start hinting to them

  “ Hey you should buy a property and i'll help you remodel it, will both make some money”.

Realtors usually become realtors because they have a interest or background in real estate. Not always, but usually. And maybe they have a long term goal of eventually investing. Maybe your the key piece they have been waiting on.

As a Painter you can do drywall, restoration, and other repairs even outside your trade and earn Big Pay Days. Or you can just offer to do their painting and restoration for a great deal if they do invest.

I have successfully applied this method a couple of times in my 8 yr career as a painting Contractor in Northern Kentucky just south of Cincinnati. It does work. But again it is a long term play.  

And hey, if it does not work. You Gained a friend …. You cannot lose!


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