Interior Painting ' The Low Cost of High Intrusion'


   My days now usually include a few interior painting estimates. Especially since we are in the winter months here in Northern Kentucky. Its simply the time of year here that most who can afford interior painting, have it done.

   Today I had two Estimates early, too my surprise they were both near Crittenden, Ky which is a joy for me because its so close to my actual house. Not only do I get to slack a bit for lack of traffic and congestion, but I can also offer these customers a great deal being that they are so close too our equipment storage and such. Its just simply a lot less leg work.

    Those who know me well, know that one of my bargaining chips as a painting contractor is I push what I call ( low intrusion painting). This for me means simply bringing enough men to complete the job in the shortest time possible. What I refer to as ( Not camping in someones house).

   During my two estimates this morning both homeowners spoke very poorly of  the previous painting contractors they had in their home. In fact both were very outspoken about the fact that they had painting contractors in their homes for weeks. Not Days, But weeks.

   Briefly, it confused me because both have homes that I could paint completely in under two days maybe 3 days tops. Guaranteed.
And then I see the problem, Price!
And too be more specific Painting Contractors with small operations bidding on Jobs that they should not.

    See Homeowners are always looking for a great deal. Just imagine when you get something done and have to pay for it.... We all do the same thing. We look at price, but in the case of interior Painting YOU NEED TO LOOK HARD AT WHAT IS INCLUDED WITH THE PRICE! 

  What happens a lot in these cases is a Junior Contractor who maybe is just starting out in painting and does not have a lot of help in the way of workers or subcontractors see's a large job and thinks to himself  " wow, I'm going to make a lot off this one", they get excited at the prospect of a large payday and forget all about the fact that they cannot deliver the job in a timely manner that will keep their customer happy.

  I made this mistake in the first few years when I started ExtraPrep Pro Painting. It was essentially just me and my cousin Tommy. I was so excited about my new business that i bid almost any job that came my way. We always did a great job, but I remember plenty of times on many jobs when we was done the customer would have the check ready and be waiting at the door ready to kick us out. None of them were happy. And at first I did not understand. I would think to myself

" Wow we just did a great job, why are they so unhappy"

  And then I figured it out real quick one day when a customer all but kicked me in the ass on the way out the door when we was done.

" I could have hired someone to do this in a day, two days tops , you guys have been in my home for ten days. Please take your money and leave." he said.

    Since that day about 8 yrs ago I  have worked hard to keep my number 1 priority being quality but 1a to be Low Intrusion. See you can lay out a masterpiece of a job for homeowner but if you invade their privacy, its ball game, you will never get that customer back.

  And the guidelines that I have found in my business is simple. Anything over two full work days your now every second you are in that home begin too erode your chances of them being happy, and your beginning to really get under their skin. They may not show it but it is the truth.

   Customers are always going to shop on Price, but my advice to them with Interior Painting would be to ask the Painter, " How long realistically, will this take you and your men to complete".

Ask the Painter. " Hey are you going to be involved in the labor process or will it be your men"?

  If he or she says she will be doing the work, that could mean that the contractor does not have the help he needs to complete the work. Not always but you should dig deeper,

  Time is the most valuable asset the contractor and homeowner both posses. So be straightforward and ask:

  " Can you complete this job within a few days, Its ultra important to us that we hire someone that has the manpower and ability to complete this quickly, we will be unhappy if someone is in our home for days on end".

  When you dig in on this timeframe of completion and ask that they lay out a timeframe for completion in their contract, that's when you will start to kind of really see what a Interior Painting Contractor has to offer you.

Its unfortunate that small junior contractors often land jobs that they should not bid on. And their price and overhead is always a good deal less than a painting contractor who has the manpower to complete the job. So it creates a bid that is low and often and amazing deal for a homeowner or even a business , I have seen it in the commercial segment as well.

  But these Low Prices often come with the loss of Privacy, Very High Intrusion, poor work often from being forced to hurry, and ultimately at the end of the day, a very unsatisfied customer.

  Dig into your estimates and find out which estimate includes whats best for you and your family. If the price is higher than you want or can afford to pay talk to the Painting Contractor, see if there is any way he can come down on his price. I do it often for my customers.

  I hope this article helps someone make a better informed decision on hiring a interior Painting Contractor in Northern Kentucky.

                            Anthony Ford
                    ExtraPrep Pro Painting





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