8 Hour Painters ( the plan moving forward)

Today December 27, 2018 I announced my new paint Brand (8 Hour Painters) it will become a service of ExtraPrep Pro Painting.  

  But 8HP will operate as its own brand and entity. I do this with all of my painting products... essentially I brand them and then begin to produce online content for them. That content then produces sells.

 So essentially i produce a mini business within ExtraPrep Pro Painting, and then ExtraPrep Pro will then begin doing business as this mini business. I do this for a multitude of reasons but to explain it simply it creates a package for me to sell something that can be difficult to market and sell.

     The concept of low-intrusion painting has intrigued me for awhile now. The ability to be able to clear a job in one day instead of 5 or 6 days by great project management and additional painters.  I feel this service is sorely needed throughout Northern Kentucky. Most homeowners and business owners alike, i talk too, constantly speak of painters being in their home for weeks..... just to paint a home?

  The reason is simple poor project management, and communication with customers. Along with also not bringing enough painters. Most Painting outfits are small. They usually consist of 1 to 5 guys with 1 guy running the show and dealing with basically friends or relatives for Painters.
And too their credit most of them are unaware that by staying in their customers home more than 2 full workdays, immediately begins to erode any chance whatsoever they will be able to do work for that customer again.  They just don't know. They believe that as long as they do a good job... they are doing their share and making their customer happy.

    Unfortunately its just not the case. I did some research on home services inside a customers home.    And the things I found shocked me. More than 80 Percent of your customers are ready for you to be gone at the end of your first work day... they wish they had hired someone larger that could have finished it today....

When faced with the fact that you are coming back into their home again to intrude their personal space, take up their living area, unplug their wifi so you can paint around the receptacles..... they want you gone.   Even if they know they have hired you and was told it would take multiple days... still they want you out! and full blown regret sets in if u don't present a finished project at the end of day 1. No matter how kind they are to your face!

 This is what my own personal experience told me as well...... So I have brought forward ' 8 Hour Painters' ..... and we plan on using the Brand to push low intrusion painting.

  The main goal will be to lay out a plan to paint every home within 1 day if possible. If not then we draw up a project plan that details the shortest path to completion and present it to the homeowner.

And the idea is not to rush our painters. Instead we will give them more painters to help.  So essentially we will create multiple scopes of work inside a home and then assign that area or scope of work to so many painters... then assign another area to so many painters.  With a project manager onsite tying it all together throughout the painting project.

  I got a lot of calls and messages from painters today. Most begged me not to enter into the market of low intrusion painting. Siting that the things they do cannot be done correctly in 8 hours. I disagree, I think with enough painters and a great project plan most homes and even small commercial jobs could be completed in 1 work day... or thereabouts.

  I think definitely the industry can do better than it is doing. With the lack of direction , and the stereotypes put on painters as unreliable, and unprofessional.

  Do I think ' 8 Hour Painters' will complete alot of homes in 1 day....sure I do. especially after we oil the machine "so to speak".  But I also think we will end up telling alot of Customers that "for reasons of quality its gonna take X amount of days"

But we will have a project plan in place to complete as soon as humanely possible, and be able to show them that game plan. Will the other guys?

Anthony Ford
ExtraPrep Pro Painting


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